There’s an app for just about anything these days, especially fitness.  We’ve found apps that do everything, even ones that will make a playlist of workout music for you.  We took the time and explored tons of apps for both iPhone and Android, and we wanted to share our five favorites with you.

Everybody loves to post pre and post workout selfies (always using #BeatTheGym, of course), but Fitnet can turn your camera into a tool to help you keep on track with your workout goals.  Fitbit gives you workout tutorials and also watches your movements through your phone’s camera and tells you if you feel short or got off track in any way.


Not everybody on your friends list wants to see your #gymlife selfies, but PumpUp can give you a place to post it.  PumpUp is a fitness geared social network that works like Instagram, where like minded workout enthusiasts posts pictures of their success and progress.


Spring is a music app, much like Spotify, except it customizes your playlists to match your workouts on the go.  As you warm up and all the way through your cool down, Spring will pay attention to your body’s movements and how fast you are moving, and provide you with songs to match.  Who knows, they might even have the ‘Rocky’ theme song.

Healthy Out

Eating healthy can be tough for someone who is constantly on the go.  For those times where you just have to eat out, Healthy Out can help.  The app provides you with the healthy options in your area, and you can even organize them with filters such as ‘heart healthy’, ‘low fat’ and ‘paleo diet’.

Charity Miles

Charity miles is one of our favorites because it actually gives money back to nonprofits around the country.  Though partnering with corporate sponsors, every time you run a mile, Charity Miles donates twenty five cents, and ten cents for biking a mile.  This can help give you a whole new kind of motivation to do ‘just one more mile’.

Written by: Tony Thomas

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