Faced with the every day problem of a stressful work or home environment, we are often left feeling anxious, even when all we want to do is unwind.  Micro meditations can be a helpful way to help relax and destress throughout even the most hectic days.


Micro meditations are essentially small meditation bursts that are used to help overcome negative and unpleasant emotions and situations.  Meditation has helped many find their center, and help them feel like they can tackle any obstacle.  The following techniques can be done in under 30 seconds.

The Standing Body Scanmeditation_sun

Body scans are commonplace in mediation and yoga, and they generally consists of laying on the ground for 3-5 minutes to try to feel out your body.  Not everybody has the time to do this every day, so it can be shortened into a quick 30 second inner scan.

Stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, and make them loose and relax.  Slowly (and mentally) work your way up your body, tightening and loosening your muscles.  By doing this, you are feeling out your body, trying to focus on the relaxation of each muscle.  After you do this from head to toe, your mind should feel more open, and your body more relaxed.

Belly Brbenefits-of-meditationeathing

When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, belly breathing can help slow your heart rate and reduce your erratic emotions.  This can be done sitting down, or laying down on the ground.  Take deep inward breads while simultaneously expanding your diaphragm as much as possible – as if you are trying to lift a book above your head with your belly.  Once you are full of air, let it all out through the mouth and feel your body relax.

Written by: Tony Thomas

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