The Healthy Home Rule helps you live the 80/20 rule.

The Healthy Home Rule basically means you don’t buy junk food when you go grocery shopping. If you were to take a peek in Beat the Gym’s office pantry you’d see that we don’t have fruit snacks, crackers of any kind, granola bars, or really any packaged snack food. We have other packaged/canned food like pasta, jarred salsa, salmon, tuna etc, but NO snack food. Period.

We don’t buy ice cream, Oreos, fishy crackers or graham crackers. We eat nourishing food. If we want a snack (which most of the time we aren’t, because we eat really nutrient-dense meals), we’ll grab some kind of fruit or cheese or nut butter or homemade popsicles. So delicious. And so much better than all that other junk.

Fill your life with nutrient dense foods. Experience healing. Lose weight. But don’t forget to enjoy life and let go of the little things. You’ll find life is more enjoyable, less stressful, and more delicious!

Written by: Tony Thomas

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