I see it all the time – people in the gym who have colossally sculpted upper bodies and the thinnest most disproportionate chicken-legs. Not only does this look ridiculous but it is also a tremendous mistake to fail to train your legs. Aside from the cosmetic reasons for training legs, it is also important to highlight that your legs are the largest muscle group in your body and training them stimulates bone re-calcification, strengthens your joints, enhances the production of testosterone, and because it is the largest muscle group it also boosts your metabolism and allows you to burn the most calories.

Today’s leg routine is pretty grueling, but devastatingly effective and targets all major muscles – glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

This is Day 24 – Let’s do this!

Note – You will need your resistance bands for this one

Commit to 30 days of being healthier and being a better you. Ignore the distractions and the frustrations. Be patient, the results will come. JUST DON’T GIVE UP! For my more advanced members, try to repeat the series until you burnout. Also, feel free to mix and match with some of our previous videos. There are no rules!

Get empowered, beat the gym, and let’s have some fun! If you want to, use our hashtag #BeatTheGym, let’s hold each other high and accountable and let’s celebrate one another’s milestones.

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The Moves

Mini Band Side Step – This is another great warm up exercise. Assume the squat position with the resistance band placed right below your knees. Now, while staying low take two steps to your right.

Mini Band Step Back – Again, assume the squat position and place the band around both ankles. With the band around your ankles, step your foot back about 2-3 feet. Make sure your knees remain bent and in a squat position.

Mini Band Jumping Jacks – Jumping jacks not only serve as great warm up exercises but also for active recovery in between exercises. Active recovery should be equivalent to 60 percent effort and allows to increase blood flow and gives muscles the rest they need to bounce back stronger. First place the band around both ankles. Remember to maintain a slight bend on the knees. Begin with your feet together. Then jump and open the arms and legs out to the sides. Your arms should come above the head and legs wider than shoulders. Then jump again and bring your legs and arms to the starting position.

Reverse Plank Hip Lifts – Another great exercise to strengthen your back, core and leg muscles. If you experience lower back pain, this exercise could ease the pain by strengthening the core and back muscles. Start by sitting on the ground and putting your hands on the ground just behind your hips. Then push up and lift your body until it forms a straight line horizontal with the ground. Now, begin thrusting up and down.  

Reverse Plank Leg Raise – Assume the reverse plank position and hold. Then lift your right leg making sure to uphold your body’s horizontal position. Alternate, right and left.

Squat with Mini Band – This exercise targets your body’s biggest muscle groups: thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings and will help you develop lower body strength, agility, and speed. First off, place the band around both knees. Then, start in an upright position, then slowly lower your body by pushing your hips back. Maintain a consistent tempo by counting down to 5 as you descend into the squat. Keep your chest up and your heels on the ground. Pause when your knees reach a 90 degree angle and pause for a brief period of time to engage your muscles. Repeat!

Mini Band Fast Feet – Place the mini band around the forefoot of both feet and stand shoulder-width apart. Drive one leg forward and one leg back simulating a running in place motion.

Star Jumps – Wrap the mini band around your ankles. Stand tall, with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides. Then lower down to push up position, then get in a squat position and explode up, extending your arms and legs. Be EXPLOSIVE! Reset and repeat!

Kneeling Bent Leg Kickback – If you want to target your glutes, this exercise is for you! Assume an all fours position on your hands and knees while keeping your core tight throughout the movement. Loop the band around the forefoot of both feet. With focus on your glutes and core, maintain the bent knee position while driving one foot upward toward the sky. Repeat and alternate on both sides!

Banded Squat Pulses – These squat variation is guaranteed to get your booty burning and work your butt muscles hard. Start with your feet in a wide stance. Core muscles should be tight and your torso upright. Then bend your knees outwards and lower into the squat position. Squeezing your glutes, rise up 2-3 inches, and then lower.

Side Lying Leg Raise – First off, place the mini band around both ankles. Start by lying on your side with your legs extended. Extend your supporting arm on the ground. Then lift your top leg up about 8-10 inches off the floor. Bring back to the start position and repeat. For an even greater burn, finish off by holding your leg at the top for 10 seconds.

Another day down, another day closer to your goals!

Written by: Tony Thomas

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