30 Days of HIIT – Day 10

Today’s workout is all about those arms! Let’s get them strong, toned and well-sculpted! Countless times I’ve heard clients say “I have no arm strength”. If you’ve ever said or thought this then this routine is for you. I selected these exercises because they activate the primary muscles. Today’s workout

The Köhler Effect and Workout Partners: Why We Work Hard in Groups

Solitary exercise can be a miserable pursuit, and for many, it’s entirely ineffective. There’s something about teamwork that makes people try harder and persevere longer. This tendency is explained by the Köhler effect, a theory intended to clarify the impact social environments have on motivation. According to the Köhler effect, people are most motivated

6 Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

Thanksgiving turkey, eggnog, late night parties, and cross-country airplane flights can make it hard to stay fit in the holiday season. But, you have worked hard this year and you don’t want to blow it during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years’ Day. And yet, with shopping, decorating, baking

Beat The Gym: A Movement

On September 17th we went back to Nikki Beach for another epic beach workout and to show Miami that the beach can be used for more than just a lounging area. This workout is always mentally and physically challenging, beach running is difficult enough, BEATING THE GYM on the beach


To have strong and defined abs is the desire of many people and not only because they are visually appealing but because a strong core helps to maintain body balance and protects the spine. Even though Tony and Taylor believe the secret to perfect abs is in full body training