To say we had fun would be an understatement… Bumble Miami, Beat The Gym and 80 attendees showed everyone how to #BreakUpWithBad fitness habits. This is Bumble’s New Year’s maxim encouraging people to go out with the bad and in with the good in all aspects of our lives – and it’s a way of thinking we can totally subscribe to.

The workout at 1111 Lincoln Road got us sweating to a stunning backdrop of 360-degrees Miami views – not a bad upgrade from your typical morning run.

The event really hammered home just how much we gain from fitness. Not only do you feel great about yourself and have more energy, but it’s social, fun and makes you appreciate what your body can do.

We can’t wait to do this again! Thanks to Bumble Miami, Zico Coconut Water and all of you for showing up, #BreakingUpWithBad and beating the gym!

Tony Thomas and Kelly Saks
Kelly Saks and Tony Thomas beat the gym
Ronnie + Kelly Saks
Beat The Gym at 1111 Lincoln Road
Beat the Gym at 1111 Lincoln Road

Written by: Tony Thomas