Today is LEG DAY, but the bad news is today’s workout will be quick and fun. At least I hope so.

Sitting at your desk hour after hour, day after day for years takes a toll on your legs and glutes – they become lazy! Your body gets used to being less dependent on these muscles and joints and ultimately leads to weakening of the muscles. Sitting down for long periods of time does not only weaken the glutes, but has wide implications throughout the body: tight hip flexors, back pain, joint pain, knee problems, and more.

Today’s workout is all about reverting this, re-activating and strengthening your legs and glutes with a simple but effective routine. Glutes that actually make you Instagram famous. 🙂

So without further delay, this is Day 17 – Let’s squat!

Note – You will need your resistance bands for this one

Commit to 30 days of being healthier and being a better you. Ignore the distractions and the frustrations. Be patient, the results will come. JUST DON’T GIVE UP! For my more advanced members, try to repeat the series until you burnout. Also, feel free to mix and match with some of our previous videos. There are no rules!

Get empowered, beat the gym, and let’s have some fun! If you want to, use our hashtag #BeatTheGym, let’s hold each other high and accountable and let’s celebrate one another’s milestones.

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The Moves

Side Lunge to Knee Drive – Great dynamic combo to keep things interesting. Begin facing forward, then step left and lunge out to the side, sitting back as you hinge forward slightly, and bending the left knee and keeping your right leg straight. Then quickly drive back to standing and bring your left knee to your chest. Alternate and do with the right side.

Leg Jacks – Today I’m incorporating this move in between exercises as your active recovery. Like the motion of a jumping jack, simply jump your legs wide and then back together.

Resistance Band Squat – This exercise targets your body’s biggest muscle groups: thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, and hamstrings and will help you develop lower body strength, agility, and speed. Start in an upright position, then slowly lower your body by pushing your hips back. Maintain a consistent tempo by counting down to 5 as you descend into the squat. Keep your chest up and your heels on the ground. Pause when your knees reach a 90 degree angle and pause for a brief period of time to engage your muscles. Repeat!

Reverse Plank Bridge – Another great exercise to strengthen your back, core and leg muscles. If you experience lower back pain, this exercise could ease the pain by strengthening the core and back muscles. Start by sitting on the ground and putting your hands on the ground just behind your hips. Then push up and lift your body until it forms a straight line horizontal with the ground. Return to the start position and repeat.

Fire Hydrant with Band – Wrap the mini-band above the knee and assume an all-fours position, with your shoulders over your wrists and your knees directly underneath your hips while keeping your back straight. Lift the right knee to the side as much as possible while keeping the rest of your body still. Slowly return your knee to the start position. Then switch legs. 

Glute Bridge Knee outs – Wrap the mini-band below the knee. Lie on your back with your feet on the ground a few inches from your butt. Push through your feet and lift your hips. Contract your glutes at the top and hold. Then proceed to slowly open the hips and press the knees out. Control the motion back to the start position and repeat.

Resistance Band Side Squat – This is a modification to our regular squats. Place the band around your ankles. Then lift your right leg out to the side and bend your knees and push your butt back to lower into a squat. Slowly stand back up with your feet hip-width apart maintaining tension on the band. Repeat the movement to the other side.

Another day down, another day closer to your goals!

Written by: Tony Thomas

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