Why do you like fitness so much? – I get asked this a lot and my answer is ever changing.

The answer has evolved over time and has many parts, but the answer I like most is something I developed when training athletes through recovery after a bad injury. When the ability to move is taken away from them, it makes them appreciate it so much more. Coming back from an injury, every single step of a run, every squat, every push up, feels like a blessing.

Now, I never take a workout for granted. Fitness makes me feel grateful for my health and for my ability to move. 

Being healthy is a BIG deal and something to be thankful for, to cherish and to protect.  

It’s time to feel grateful for our health! This is Day 16 – Let’s move!

Note – You will need your resistance bands for this one

Commit to 30 days of being healthier and being a better you. Ignore the distractions and the frustrations. Be patient, the results will come. JUST DON’T GIVE UP! For my more advanced members, try to repeat the series until you burnout. Also, feel free to mix and match with some of our previous videos. There are no rules!

Get empowered, beat the gym, and let’s have some fun! If you want to, use our hashtag #BeatTheGym, let’s hold each other high and accountable and let’s celebrate one another’s milestones.

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The Moves

Resistance Band Bicep Curls – Bicep curls are a basic and most effective exercise for toning your arms. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Extend your arms down by your hips and hold the resistance band with both hands. Then, curl your right hand towards your shoulder, making sure to keep the left hand still. Lower your right hand back to start and repeat. Then switch arms and repeat exercise with the other arms.

Resistance Band Front and Vertical Arm Extensions – Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. Wrap your resistance band around your wrists, then pull the band apart so that the wrists are about shoulder width. Lift your arms in front of you at chest height and then bring them over your head, maintaining tension on the band and keeping band pulled apart. Then bring your arms down and squeeze your elbows behind your back, and return arms to start to repeat exercise.

Front Fold Band Pull-Apart – First, wrap your resistance band around your wrists. Bend forward at the hips and lengthen your torso. While keeping your torso long and your knees slightly bent, extend your arms straight in front of you about shoulder width-apart. Pull the resistance band towards your waistline by pulling it apart while keeping your back straight and squeezing your shoulder blades. Slowly release tension to return to the starting position and repeat.

Bent Over One Arm Band Pull – Begin with one foot slightly in front of the other. Step on the resistance band with your front foot and grab the band with your opposite hand. Bend your knees, then rotate your torso to bring your hand toward the inside of your front foot. Slowly, begin to stand up and to straighten your torso and pull band close to your shoulder. Switch hands and repeat movement.

Plank Band Pull Apart – This simple exercise can really work your arms and shoulders, with the added benefit of activating your core the whole time. Assume the plank position with hands directly under your shoulders and place the band around your wrists. Then extend your arm out in front of you. Bring down to start position and alternate arms. Remember to keep your back flat for the entire duration of the exercise.

Plank Band Pull Apart – Slowing down our pushups has many benefits. Slowing down the speed of our push-ups increases the intensity and the tension in our muscles causing them to work harder. This exercise will tone your back and arms even faster!

Another day down, another day closer to your

Written by: Tony Thomas

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