The most challenging part of any fitness journey is to stay consistent. Stay focused. Be patient and enjoy the journey. This 30 Day program is intended to challenge you, help you achieve results, and most importantly to support you in helping you to kickstart a new fit lifestyle and create a habit of training at least a couple days a week. So, even though it may be challenging to keep a daily routine – just don’t give up – if it takes you 45, 50 or 60 days to complete the program, that’s OK, know that it is fine to modify and do what works for you.

But MAKE TIME, and as I said before DON’T GIVE UP.

Open your mind to a healthier lifestyle. Notice what you eat and make an effort to being more active. Here’s one of my all-time favorite commercials that came to mind as I was drafting this blog post:

Allow this daily workout to assist you in kickstarting a new fit and more active lifestyle. Set an intention for the next 30 days, drink more water, take more steps than yesterday, use the stairs, stretch, meditate – there are many ways to beat the gym.

Make a conscious commitment to yourself and to your health. That’s the end goal.

Click on the calendar to download, save and print out

BTG_30 Day HIIT Challenge Calendar Image

Here are some helpful tips and answers to help you along the way:

  • If you are interested in continuing your journey with LIVE virtual classes and beating the gym from home. Get your fix from anywhere with some of the best trainers and award-winning classes delivered to your device. Sign up here!
  • You can find all of the 30 Days of HIIT videos on the Beat The Gym YouTube channel as they are uploaded.
  • Each video varies in length (15 – 30min) and is crafted to progressively increase in difficulty. For instance, Day 1 is a shorter video focused on cardio and basic movements. Day 30 is your graduation test and is completely different!
  • The workouts are designed for all levels, body types and backgrounds and the idea is to empower you to improve each day and reach your goals. Do your thing and modify up or down. However, I encourage you to try the video for that day, because each day is different and the progressive exercises will help you improve in both strength and endurance.
  • Use the calendar! Print it out and mark off the workouts you’ve completed as we move through this journey. It will serve as a reminder, hold you accountable and help you keep track.
  • Join our Facebook Community. Connect with our community and share your experience. Find support in our fitfam and invite your friends to join you. Connect with #BeatTheGym. I’m very excited to see you reach new milestones and see you achieve your fitness goals. Know that you’re not alone in this!

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Let’s get it!!

Written by: Tony Thomas

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