Taking the time to workout with a friend or family member is a key part of reaching your health goals, but when you have a workout buddy who would rather run or lift weights than engage in other activities you want to celebrate their beliefs. The gifts you get your workout buddy for the holidays gives you a chance to show your enthusiasm while encouraging their fitness goals.

Keep It Simple With Workout Clothes

Pick out an interesting and fun workout outfit for your buddy. Opt for something expressive, like a running shirt with a fun hashtag statement about exercise, or something useful. A great idea is a workout jacket or a pair of comfortable leggings. It will keep your workout partner warm during the colder weather conditions of the season while celebrating his or her need to keep up with current goals.

Pick Out Comfy Shoes

There’s nothing better than putting on a pair of comfortable shoes for a workout routine. Pick out a fun design with bright colors that also offers excellent arch support while running or engaging in a routine. Your workout partner will look stylish while running around town or getting out on an outdoor walk in the snow. An unexpected benefit of a comfy pair of shoes is the motivational effect. It keeps you and your workout partner ready to take on new challenges in your routine.

Tools to Track the Workout

Is your workout buddy a little absent minded? Does he or she tend to ignore signs of fatigue or push too hard at times? A workout tracker is a good choice for a holiday gift because it helps you stay on track without pushing too hard. Let your workout buddy’s heart rate speak for itself with a tool that keeps track of his or her heart rate, pace while traveling and the number of calories burned during the workout. Make it easier to keep track of the routine and encourage your buddy to slow down for a healthier and more effective result.

Wireless Ear Buds

There is something about fast-paced music that makes a workout routine easier to handle, even when you have a workout buddy. During those times at the gym when your partner and you cannot converse, listening to music, an audio book or any other content provides greater focus. Encourage your buddy to keep trying and working on a goal with wireless ear buds. Opt for something fun, stylish or a little silly to make the gift more interesting.

Air Humidifiers for Recovery and Sleep

Do you want to help your workout partner recover after a long and grueling routine? Are you feeling a little worn down after a workout? An air humidifier with an air purifier is a good gift idea. It cleans up the air your workout buddy breathes at home and the greater humidity in the house makes it easier to sleep at night. By combining clean air with good sleep, you help your buddy recover quickly from a workout routine and can push harder during the next exercise program.

Smoothie Machines for a Sports Bottle

There is nothing better than a sweet treat after a workout and a smoothie is a good choice to encourage recovery. Get your workout partner back on track with a nutrient and electrolyte packed smoothie by using a sports bottle smoothie making machine. It cuts back on the clean up and makes it easy to make a single serving of a smoothie for a quick blast of post-workout nutrition.

The perfect gift idea for your friends, family and workout partner ultimately depends on your budget and goals. By giving a gift that helps your partner stay motivated and active, you help him or her attain a higher level of fitness.





Written by: Tony Thomas